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Our policy is simple, “We never collect personal data on our users.”

Why Search Privacy is Important For You?

The things we type into search engines can be very personal. Maybe you’re researching a medication or illness, maybe you are curious if there are others out there who have sleep issues like you do. Whatever you may be searching for, chances are you do not want someone else to see some or most of your search history.

Jiimba's Competitive Advantage in Privacy

One of the absolute favorite features of Jiimba is its proxy. With most other search engines that offer privacy, that privacy is protected as long as you are on their site. As soon as you click the link in your search results, you leave the private search engine and you are exposed to the site you clicked on. Jiimba, however, offers a proxy option that allows you to visit the sites in your search results while staying on the Jiimba website. Every link you click through this proxy is requested by Jiimba on your behalf and presented to you inside a frame. It works remarkably well and protects your privacy even after you’re done searching, of course only as long as you stay inside the proxy window. The ability to select which server you want to use (Europe or United States) is also a very welcome option to those concerned about privacy and the current laws that may be threatening this domestically.

So what makes Jiimba a good private search engine? A few of the highlights:

  • - Your IP address is not recorded.
  • - Your browser is not recorded.
  • - Your operating system is not recorded.
  • - Your search queries are not recorded.
  • - No tracking or identifying cookies are used.

“Privacy is a fundamental
human right in this millennium.”

Martin Nødskov


Local encryption to secure your searches.

Our private search engine will combine AES-256 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer encryption. After you're done searching, your search terms expire so they stay private even if someone else has access to your computer.

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Can You trust Jiimba search engine?

Yes, We're a European company based in Denmark and we are GDPR compliant. We've built our reputation on trust. If you do care about privacy, want to be a conscious user, or otherwise believe in digital freedom, make Jiimba your default search engine. We are a metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users. Using our search engine will allow you to search the web with total confidence and privacy. Unlike search engines that track you, we don't track any of your user-identifiable information. Searching the web shouldn't require handing over tons of your personal information, which is why we've created our private search engine to keep your data safe.

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